3 Reasons Why You Need to Wrap Your New Apple AirPods

Wireless earphones have been available for a while now, but they've either been really poor at maintaining a solid connect to your smartphone or they've been huge bulky device that make you look like some kind of part human, part robot. Finally, Apple have released their wireless AirPods that allow you to listen to your music wherever you go without the hassle of any wires, while still looking fashionable. However, you can take them a step further and really make them your own if you wrap them. Keep reading to find out why you really need to wrap your AirPods.

 Apple AirPods

  1. You'll need help finding them if they fall

Imagine this. You've finally plucked up the courage and invested $159 on your brand new silky white AirPods. It's time to finally get fit and go for a late night run to kick of your new fitness regime. After a while, you start to gather pace on that uneven woodland path and feel one of your brand new AirPods slip and leave your ear lobe. Where on earth did that just go?! You search for ages, but you just can't find it. The plain AirPod just doesn't stand out to you, and eventually you give up, having to leave the AirPod on the floor somewhere. What a waste of money. If only it was a more colorful design so that you could have found it.

Luckily for you, this nightmare hasn't happened yet and you can do something to prevent it. You can wrap your AirPods in a wide variety of colors and designs to make them standout wherever they are, whether that's on your bedroom floor or the playing field where you just accidentally dropped it.

  1. They need protecting from scrapes

If you drop your AirPod, which you're very likely to at some point, then they're going to fall on the floor. The last thing you want is for your brand new pair of AirPods to get damaged and scratched. The great thing about AirPod wraps, is that it provides that extra layer of protection so that if they do suffer a scrape, it's not going to damage the surface of the device itself, only the wrap. Think of it as a small investment to keep your AirPods in tip top condition.

  1. You'll want to make them 'yours'

No one can deny, Apple products are fashionable. The issue is, every pair of AirPods look exactly the same. If you want to stand out from the crowd, then you need to get AirPod wraps. It's your way of showing your personality, the same way as you do when you buy a case for your phone. If you're someone who strives for that unique look, then you need to ditch that plain white look for something far more eye catching. There's such a wide range of colors, you could even get them wrapped to match your favorite outfit, or to show everyone which sports team you support. The only limit is your imagination!