5 Things You Need to Know About Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

When you finally get your hands on a set of Apple AirPods, it can almost be slightly anti-climatic. “Great, I’ve got myself a fancy, expensive pair of ear phones”, so people might think. But actually, there’s plenty of cool benefits to using AirPods over normal ear phones or EarPods

AirPods are better because they’re wireless

Without a wire hanging around to catch on things and weigh them down, you’ll find that they’re easier to keep in your ears. Without a wire, it also means that you haven’t got to dedicate two hours a day to untangle the things!

They’re almost identical to EarPods in build quality

Although EarPods may not offer the best sound quality, no one can deny that felt solid in your ears and hands. That’s great news, because the issue was never that they felt cheap or weak. In fact, there really was an issue with the EarPod apart from the sound quality and wires, so now that they’re fixed it means that the AirPods are near on perfect. Some claim that the AirPods are pretty resistant to water and can survive a cycle in a washing machine!

Better sound quality

As mentioned, the AirPods have far better sound quality than the EarPods, which might be down to the fact they fit better in your ear. Without a wire weighing down and moving them in your ear slightly every time you move, the AirPods have a much tighter fit in your ear so the sound quality really impressive. It’s worth going through all your favorite songs and giving them another listen, it’s insane how different they sound.

The battery capacity is incredible!

Apple claims that the AirPods themselves get 5 hours of listening in before they die, and tests confirm that they’re pretty spot on. The case itself is supposed to charge the AirPods 4 times before it needs to be recharged, so all in all once both devices are full charged at the socket, you shouldn’t need to charge them again for 20+ hours! From dead, the AirPods only need to be charged for 15 minutes to allow for 2 hours of playback. Battery life is normally such a pain for technology and gadgets, so it’s a blessing that it’s so good on the AirPods.

It’s a fashion statement

Wearing wireless earphones may feel weird at first and the classic plain white earphones synonymous with Apple design will certainly turn heads, but hey, who cares! You can even get AirPod wraps to customize them further. If you get your AirPods wrapped, they’ve got extra protection if they ever fall on the floor and get scratched or dirty. The wraps also come in a wide variety of different designs and colors, so it’s an extra way to express yourself through your AirPods!