Are Apple AirPods Worth The Money?

With the release of Apple AirPods, many are still wondering if purchasing a set of the new wireless earphones are worth the money. Especially since they’re some the most expensive wireless headphones on the market, what exactly makes them worthy of such a high price? 

Will they really make you dance on a car door?

Airpods and Make you Want to Dance on a Car Door

Firstly, it’s worth mentioning that the sound quality is really really good. Sure, you’ll find better sound quality on a pair of wired headphones for the similar price, but then you lose the wireless factor and that kind of defeats the whole point, right? The deep lows of bass without having a detriment to the mid and treble means these make your favorite songs sound that much better. Especially if you’re upgrading from standard Apple EarPods. EarPods aren’t bad, but they’re designed to be just ‘acceptable’, as they are packaged with every Apple product as standard. It is worth noting that in time, Apple may decide to package AirPods in with their Apple products, but for now they’re only available separately.

The issue with other wireless earphones has always been that the connectivity is poor and they lose signal frequently. Once the AirPods are connected to your phone, they’ll instantly reconnect every time you flip the lid on the AirPod case. When you take them out of your ears, they’ll pause the playback on your phone and disconnect when you place them back in the case. Each AirPod also has Bluetooth technology so each one sends and receives data to ensure a strong connection. This is different from other wireless earphones, where normally only one has a Bluetooth receiver, which is then transmitted to the other earphone through the listeners head, causing a weak signal and poor audio playback. As usual, Apple hits the ball out of the park on their first try.

With wireless earphones, obviously a lot hinges on the battery life. If you have to recharge the devices after half hour of listening, it starts to get pretty tiresome. Prepare to fist pump, because Apple have done a great job with equipping the AirPods with great battery life. The units themselves hold five hours, which is enough time to fit in plenty of your favorite albums. Better yet, when they’re dead you just pop them back in the case to charge them again. The case holds four chargers, so it total you’re looking at around a full day of listening! No one can complain with that.

Apple AirPods are a superb purchase if you’re looking for a new pair of wireless headphones, but it’s fair to say that the design is a bit bland. They look very similar to the EarPods and you’ll really need to spice them up. AirPod wraps allows you to stamp your own personality on them with a wide variety of colors and designs. Why not represent your favorite team and wrap your AirPods in their colors? has the most colors and patterns for AirPods customization