Why APSkins?


We love Apple.  We think they make beautiful products.  However, we do think their styling can be a bit dull- as in Model T Ford dull.

While AirPods are technically brilliant, out of the box they do tend to make the wearer look like they have a couple of electrical toothbrush heads hanging out of their ears.

AirPod Toothbrush

We think that people may wish to differentiate themselves from the pack- after all, we don’t all just run around wearing pain white t-shirts and pants all day do we?  At least if we’re not orderlies in a lunatic asylum…

We founded APSkins so people can make their new AirPods their own- through color, pattern and texture.  And we wanted to do it by offering things to our customers that nobody else can (in addition to the best and more creative designs):

  • Free Global Shipping… who does that? Not even Amazon, but APSkins does.
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee… who does that? Not Apple, but APSkins does.

We want to be with our customers for the long haul. So, if you’re ever not happy, let us know- we will make it right.

-The APSkins Team