Q. Is Your "NO" questions asked lifetime guarantee truly no questions and lifetime?

A. You bet it is!  If for ANY reason you are not satisfied just simply let us know.  Our customer service will not be beat.

Q. Where do you ship to?  

A. Currently, we only ship to US Addresses.  If you're international and would like to purchase our products, email us at info@apskins.com and we'll take care of you!

Q. Can you install them more than once?

A. Unfortunately you cannot.  After you remove them they will not be able to be reapplied for another use.  The material is designed for maximum protection and therefore makes a strong seal when originally applied.

Q. Is installation difficult?

A. Of course we are biased :) -- But we've received a lot of feedback letting us know how easy they are to install.  Just take your time and be gentle and precise with alignment.  The unique APSkins design allows for maximum coverage and easy application without risk of covering important sensors on the AirPods.  We have easy to follow instructions here and our APSkins 100% No Goof Guarantee!

Q. Will the AirPods still charge in their case with them on?

A. Absolutely!  We made sure to make them 100% compatible with all OEM apple parts and aftermarket accessories like AirPod straps and Earhooks.  They'll charge like nothing is on them.

Q. How do they come off?

A. With a simple tug and pull!  No need for anything extra, they come off with ease and don't leave any residue behind.

Q. What do they feel like in my ear?

A. Nothing!  One of our biggest concerns when designing was to not interrupt the fit/feel of the AirPods, and we achieved that quite nicely if we say so ourselves :).

Q. Any special care for the AirPods before or after?

A. Nope.  Before installing simply wipe them down with the provided cleaning pad.  After removing there shouldn't be any residue, but if there happens to be a little, just simply remove with a cloth and you'll be good to go!