Quick and Easy Install Directions for Your APSkins Basic AirPod Skins.

The contents you'll receive in your package:
  1. Set of APSkins AirPod Skins
  2. Our Lifetime Guarantee Card
  3. One Prep Cleaning Pad

***AirPods NOT Included***

STEP 1: Clean both of your AirPods with the provided Prep Pad.


STEP 2: Match the correct AirPod with the corresponding skin -- Left with "L" and Right with "R".

STEP 3: Starting from one of the bottom corners of the skin, peel it off the paper.

STEP 4: Align the skin so that the "U" dip is directly below the small hole on the stem and the bottom is lined up right above the chrome tip. Be careful not to touch or cover the chrome charging tip with any part of the skin.

STEP 5: Smooth down the part of the skin already touching the stem.

STEP 6: Fold one of the side "wings" of the skin around the stalk.  Work slowly to keep things even and smooth as you go.  If the skin becomes uneven, or if a wrinkle or bubble develops, gently pull the skin back and adjust.

STEP 7: Repeat with the other "wing." 

Should any small bubbles or creases develop, they can be eliminated by very firmly rubbing the applied skin with the glossy side of the backing paper it came on.

STEP 8: Voila! Repeat with your remaining AirPod and enjoy!

Take your time and work slowly and carefully, and you will have perfectly applied AirPod skins!

 If you need help:

Did you have an installation "oops"? 

Don't worry, we're here for you and we're going to take care of you!  Simply email us at hello@apskins.com and we'll get you on the right path.