Quick and Easy Install Directions for Your APSkins Total AirPod Skins - German

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The contents you'll receive in your package:

  1. Two Complete Sets (2 Pairs) of APSkins AirPod Skins -
  2. Our Lifetime Guarantee Card
  3. One Prep Cleaning Pad

***AirPods NOT Included***

STEP 1: Clean both of your AirPods with the provided Prep Pad.

STEP 2: Match the AirPod with the corresponding skin. See the photo below:  The small hole for the sensor on the top parts of the skins should match the sensor location on the AirPod.  Note: There are two complete sets of skins per sheet.

STEP 3: Start with the side of the top part of the skin with the sensor hole.  Carefully remove the appropriate piece of the skin from the backing paper.

STEP 4: Align the "U" cutout with the oblong hole on the rear of the AirPod as per the photo below.

STEP 5: Gently lay the skin down- start at the "U" cutout and work your way towards the cutout hole for the sensor.  Make sure the cutout hole aligns with the sensor.  Work slowly to get the best outcome.  If you need to readjust, gently pull up the skin and get the alignment right prior to locking it into place by pressing hard.

The second picture below shows what this step looks like once completed.

STEP 6: Repeat the process with the remaining top piece.

STEP 7: Remove the "stalk" portion of the skin from the backing sheet and align the skin so that the circle is centered on the small hole on the AirPod stem and the bottom is lined up just above the chrome charging tip.  Be careful not to touch or cover the chrome charging tip with any part of the skin.

Make sure the skin is centered, and smooth down the center part already touching the stem.

STEP 6: Fold one of the side "wings" of the skin around the stalk.  Work slowly to keep things even and smooth as you go.  If the skin becomes uneven, or if a wrinkle or bubble develops, gently pull the skin back and adjust.

Repeat with the other "wing." 

Should any small bubbles or creases develop, they can be eliminated by very firmly rubbing the applied skin with the glossy side of the backing paper it came on.

STEP 8: Voila! Repeat with your remaining AirPod and enjoy! 

Take your time and work slowly and carefully, and you will have perfectly applied AirPod  skins!

If you need help:

Did you have an installation "oops"?  Don't worry, that's why we ship 2 sets of skins with every order! 

Still having problems?  Email us at hello@apskins.com and we will get you taken care of!