What to do when you lose an AirPod (or both of them)

Lost AirPods

Imagine your horror.

You were so excited when you saw that Apple were finally releasing some wireless earphones. Finally, a pair that looked as good as they sounded. When you finally bought a pair of AirPods, you held them up like a new born Simba above pride rock. On their first outing, you’d gone for a jog in the woods and you’re going at full speed, trying to beat your best time. Whack! Your foot hits a stone and you stumble. One of your AirPods has fallen on the ground and you can’t find it anywhere! What do you do?

Stay Still and Turn  Your Music up

The chances are the AirPod is still on and playing music, so the trick is to turn your music up to help you find it. Hopefully you’ll be able to hear your tunes and that will lead you to your runaway AirPod. Secondly, if it falls in loose leaves or gravel, do not start scrabbling around to search for it, because you’ll displace everything and it could make it harder to find the AirPod. If it’s fallen out of your ear then it must be on top, so take your time, be patient and use your eyes to locate it. It only gets harder when you start to flail around. If you’re sure you can’t find it, then it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to get another one.

Purchase a New One

Luckily, Apple are aware that there are some scenarios where you might end of permanently losing an AirPod. In this situation, they can offer you another singular ear piece for $69, which is less than half of the price if they were to ask you to buy another set all together. Even if you lose two over the course of your lifetime usage of AirPods, it’s still cheaper than buying another set! When you place it in your existing case, it’ll sync up to your phone like you’ll never have to worry about finding your old AirPod again.

Avoidance is the Best Strategy

To avoid worrying about what to do when you lose an AirPod, you should take steps to make them easier to find should they ever fall out of your ear. One great way is to invest in AirPod wraps! Wrapping your AirPods in a wide variety of designs and colours not only makes them stand out if you drop them, but it also makes them unique to you. AirPods wraps also provide that extra level of protection for your devices to keep them looking as shiny and new as when they first came out of the box. If you love your Apple Airpods and want to avoid forking out $69 every time you lose one, it’s worth investing a small amount to get your Airpods wrapped.