Quick and Easy Install Directions for Your APSkins AirPod Pro Skins

The contents you'll receive in your package:
  1. Two Complete Sets (2 Pairs) of APSkins AirPod Skins for AirPod Pros
  2. Our Lifetime Guarantee Card
  3. One Prep Cleaning Pad

***AirPods NOT Included***

STEP 1: Clean both of your AirPod Pros with the provided Prep Pad.

STEP 2: Carefully peel a skin from the backing sheet.  Start at the bottom and gently work your way up. Note: There are two complete pairs of skins per sheet.  Note: The skins are marked “L” for the “Left” AirPod Pro an “R” for the “Right AirPod Pro.

STEP 3: Align the oval shaped hole in the skin with the flat oval divot on the side of the stem of the AirPod Pro.  The edges of the oval hole should match the flat oval divot exactly.  This will ensure the skin is aligned properly.

STEP 4: Gently lay the skin down across the stem towards the center. Do not wrap all the way around the stem and do not press down hard yet. 

Work slowly to get the best outcome. If you need to readjust, gently pull up the skin and get the alignment right prior to locking it into place by pressing hard.

STEP 5: Take the top flaps of the skins and align them around the black oval on the bud of the stem.  You may gently “tug” the skins upwards and in to align the edges of the skins to the black oval on the AirPod Pro. 

You will want the flaps to line up exactly with each other to prevent gaps from showing though.

Work slowly and lift and reposition the skin as necessary prior to locking it in by pressing hard.  Once you press hard, it is difficult to reposition the skins.

STEP 6: Press down other side of stem, wrapping the flap around the rest of the AirPod Pro stem.  Continue to gently press out any bubbles or wrinkles before firmly pressing down on the skin to set installation.

Repeat process with other AirPod.


Remove any remaining dimples or bubbles by firmly rubbing the installed skin using the glossy side of the backing paper the skin came on.

Take your time and work slowly and carefully, and you will have perfectly applied AirPod skins!

If you need help:

Did you have an installation "oops"? Don't worry, that's why we ship 2 sets of skins with every order!

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Your APSkins are guaranteed for life.